Heavy metal sedimentation

Heavy metal sedimentation

Our blood is the vital fluid of life

Its condition is of paramount importance to the state of our health. Blood is responsible for transporting and delivering oxygen and nutrients to every cell in the body, and for picking up carbon dioxide and waste products for delivery to the organs of elimination. It also carries the immune system's white blood cells that are responsible for keeping us free of the pathogens that make us ill.

From Under a Microscope

In live blood analysis a drop of blood taken from a finger prick is examined under a darkfield microscope. This illuminates the sample as shown in the examples on this page and the practitioner is able to evaluate the sample from a health point of view. The blood picture is seen on a computer screen and the client can view it and discuss it together with me. The computer allows me to save pictures and video clips of your live blood sample.

The evaluation is nutritional. From the blood picture the practitioner is able to show you what might be arising from your current lifestyle and diet. We are concerned with keeping your terrain healthy, as Claude Bernard pointed out in the quote above so many years ago.