Case History 2 - Fungal problems

A young man came to me because he was having acute fungal problems that were ongoing for 6 months. Specifically he had an outbreak of infected hair follicles all over his back and head. He had been taking prescribed medication in the form of creams, steroid ointments and tablets but he felt that they were not getting to the root of the problem. He was coming to me to see if there was anything he could do about it by changing his diet and taking supplements.

Further investigation revealed that he was not having regular bowel movements. He was also concerned about his weight as he was overweight and further, as a shift worker, his sleeping patterns were out of sync with nature’s rhythms.

After having taken his case history and looked at his blood under the microscope I identified several steps for this young man to take. My recommendations included in the first instance to alkalise his diet using lots of fresh vegetables, especially green ones, taking a supergreen supplement drink. At the same time he was to cut out sugar, refined carbohydrates (especially gluten) and dairy and increase his protein intake.

I also prescribed high-dose probiotics and a special mix of herbs and nutrients to help the digestive system, as well as digestive enzymes. I suggested that he do some naturopathic techniques to help cleanse the digestive system and increase circulation to the skin.


When I saw the young man two months later I truthfully could not recognise him. He had lost weight! Although the programme I gave him was to shift stagnancy in his digestive and lymphatics systems, alongside dietary changes and nutritional supplements, weight loss was a happy side effect.

This is extremely common in my practice. I rarely specifically treat weight loss as it is a symptom that often appears alongside a list of other health issues and symptoms. By treating the cause and supporting the body in doing it’s job, weight loss happens.

He chose to stop taking steroid creams and all the other fungal medication after his appointment with me and he found that the affected areas, over a period of a few weeks, cleared up or shrank considerably. He still had occasional outbreaks but had faith that continuing on my program would help in time. He found that his energy was increasing and despite working odd hours he was recovering more quickly from night shifts, sleep was more refreshing and he was able to enjoy his time off more.

Giant Steps Forward

Healing is done in stages and I gave this young man an updated health programme at his second appointment to include some different supplements and more techniques to help keep the cleansing going. The first stage is to start shifting the toxicity with a gentle ‘push’ by changing the diet and adding supplements and a few naturopathic techniques. It is vital that any changes are monitored, so that an understanding of how the body is coping with this movement of toxicity can be gained. Then a revised health programme becomes more focused on the specifics of the case, either a deeper cleanse is needed and there is enough energy within the person to be able to really push harder or the toxicity runs deep and so the body’s detoxifying systems need more nourishment and support before being asked to work harder.

Fungal problems that appear on the skin or in nails are slow to shift and often do not respond effectively to conventional treatments like ointments and creams. It is the internal environment within the body that is providing the right ingredients to allow these fungi to exist. It takes time to reverse this situation and can only really be done effectively with diet and tissue cleansing.

Taking Charge Of Your Own Health

This young man is still continuing his diet and following my recommendations. He was so motivated by the changes he was able to make that he was determined not to stop until he was satisfied that the fungal infection was eradicated. When you live with a symptom that makes you feel bad about yourself, which is especially true in cases where the symptom is visible as in skin problems, feeling that you have the power to change it can be very liberating.

The Story the Blood Told - Before

These are the young man's blood cells from his first appointment. The faded out circles represent red blood cells that have ‘hemolysed’ – meaning their cell membranes are weak and have almost dissolved allowing the cytoplasm, the interior of the cell, to collapse.

blood sample showing fermentation by yeasts and fungus

The small white bubbles show that there is fermentation within the sample, which reveals the presence of yeasts and fungus. The red blood cells on the whole are slightly too small, which is significant as the size is very important to the proper functioning of the red blood cells.

The Story the Blood Told - After

This shows his blood two months later. The cell membranes have improved as there are very few hemolysed red blood cells in this picture. The cell size is better, bigger, more uniformed and there are no ‘fungal bubbles’.

blood slide showing improved health and ongoing detoxification

You can see faded black lines in some areas which, in this case, shows detoxing is ongoing, which is a sign that the liver is having to work hard to release toxicity and so shows the importance of keeping up with a health program to shift the toxicity until it is out of the body!