Introductory Live & Dry Blood Analysis appointment

On booking your appointment you will be asked to fast for five hours prior to the blood test. This is to ensure that the digestive process does not cloud the blood for analysis.

At the appointment, after a brief discussion about your current health concerns, I will perform the blood test. This involves taking a small drop of blood from your finger tip and placing it on the microscope. You will see your blood magnified 1000x and I will begin the analysis, scanning the slide to observe the blood cells and the plasma. The dry blood test follows.

At the end of the appointment you will receive a report highlighting the various findings of your blood analysis.

Duration: 1 hour     Lewes £95

Naturopathic Nutrition appointment

For those wanting to have a clear plan of how to relieve health symptoms naturally, what to eat and drink, and which supplements are right for you, then booking a Naturopathic Nutrition Appointment is the next step. This can be done in the clinic face to face or via phone or Skype. This appointment includes:

Your case history

– your health history from birth, including your diet, illnesses, medical treatments and stressful events, all contribute to the current state of your health. Your personal and unique health disposition is influenced by your parents and grandparents health history. This information combined with an understanding of your current diet and lifestyle, any health symptoms or issues you may be having as well as your live and dry blood analysis results holds the clues as to what your body needs in order to be healthy.  

Your health programme

– this includes a full dietary plan designed to nourish and heal your body, a schedule of naturopathic techniques to assist the detoxification and healing process, and a supplement prescription to help resolve any nutrient deficiencies. As you follow the programme, you are encouraged to keep me updated with your progress - I am always available to answer your questions and give further advice by email.

Duration: 45mins        Lewes £65

Follow Up Appointments

Once you have settled into the health program, implementing step by step the various recommendations and have more or less maintained this for a period of around 12 weeks it is a good idea to have a follow up appointment. During this appointment we will:

  • Discuss how your health has been affected, noting any changes or new symptoms that arise.

  • Look at your blood again and compare it to your first blood pictures to monitor the progress being made in your body.

  • Update your health programme if necessary, to keep the detoxifying and regenerating process moving in the right direction.

Duration: 45mins        Lewes £65

Ongoing Support

The knowledge you gain from this process will give you confidence to continue your journey to health. However we often get sick, experience stressful times or life challenges and you may feel the need for some support in order to get back on track. I am available for phone or Skype consultations. Also don't forget my monthly newsletters and Facebook page offer a regular source of nutritional and general health advice, and even some delicious recipes! 

Phone/Skype Consultations   -      £30 per 30 minutes

Changing eating habits can be tough; my clients really benefit from my support as a health coach, not just a nutritionist.